Why Liquid Intelligence 115 Will Help You Save Your Engine And Solve Your Overheating Problem Permanently.

The cooling systems in passenger cars have always been marginal and have little excess capacity to handle extra heat generated by towing or high speed / mountain driving in hot weather.

If you are experiencing over heating issues in a vintage, classic or high performance and modified vehicle or a water cooled motorbike you’re in the right place.

You must solve your overheating problem because anytime temperatures climb beyond the normal range, the engine is running in the danger zone.

Liquid Intelligence 115 Synthetic, Waterless Nano-fluid Coolant fixes most overheating problems. It’s S.M.A.R.T Fluid Technology™ respond quickly to temperature increases… allowing for the dissipation of more heat, using less coolant, in a shorter period of time. Owners of overheating vehicles could look forward to driving or riding without worry


What Other People Say About Peter Maher And Liquid Intelligence 115


“The Liquid Intelligence 115 High Temperature Coolant is by far the most successful engine over heating design fault rectifier that I have ever used.” – Bob Trevan (Lismore, NSW), Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Enthusiast

“In the Australian Motorcross series in W.A., the conditions were really against us, with deep sand and extreme heat. Our bikes would normally have boiled and lost coolant here, but despite the heat, the deep sand and low gear work at high revs, we experienced no overheating issues at all.” – Steve Powell, Byrners Suzuki Race Team Owner/Head Mechanic

“I use Liquid Intelligence 115 Synthetic Waterless Coolant in my OEM standard radiator. And with all this extra power and heat being generated, the engine temperature has never exceeded 90°C.” -Steve Simmonds (Mainlube NSW) Holden Adventra 6.8 litre stroker built engine owner.

“The Liquid Intelligence 115 Coolant completely eliminated the overheating I was having. I was so impressed that I rang Peter Maher, and after a marathon discussion, I found myself the New Zealand distributor for Liquid intelligence 115 Coolant and Cleaner Kits” -Roy L King (Vintage Car Restoration Specialist Taranaki, New Zealand.)

“The reason we choose to use Liquid Intelligence was because of its world renowned reputation and our own preseason testing. We never use non-genuine products without testing them ourselves.” -Yarrive Konsky (team owner) Carlton Dry Honda Racing.

“In the racing engines that I have built it totally prevented the boil over problems associated with waiting at the starting line before the races started. Also Liquid Intelligence 115 coolant seems to be transferring heat more efficiently making the engine itself actually run cooler.” -Geoff Ballard (team owner) Ballards Offroad Yamaha Racing

About Peter Maher

Peter Maher, has been in the chemical industry since he was 18, so that’s more than 40 years he’s been blending, manufacturing and formulating Functional automotive and industrial fluids. Most of those have been brake fluids and coolants but he also does engine and fuel treatments plus a huge range of specialty chemicals with hundreds of applications.

Over the years, Peter Maher’s Research Lab in Sydney has managed to strike a delicate balance between applied and long-term industrial research. While contributing to product development on many levels, the Lab also maintains close ties to the academic world and other research laboratories. This combination enables the Lab to simultaneously meet the needs of the present day while helping shape future product development.

You’ll find that his unique approach to overheating issues is extremely effective. He developed it over many years, and it has helped him build a strong following amongst the vintage & classic cars, performance and modified vehicles and dirt bike community.

You can contact him on 1800441163 (7am to 7pm seven days a week) and he will advise you in solving your overheating issues.

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