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Peter Maher - The Man Behind Liquid Intelligence

Peter Maher – The Man Behind Liquid Intelligence & Pentosin

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PENTOSIN – The Best Of German Technology

Pentosin LHM+

Pentosin CHF LHM+ Australia Size: 1 litre
Special – High Performance – Hydraulic Fluid for the application in the comfort and safety area of PSA motor vehicles

  • Pentosin LHM+ is a high performance hydraulic fluid, formulated with thermally very stable mineral base oils, which was developed particularly for the employment in PSA motor vehicles.
  • Is filled into a tank of PSA motor vehicles marked particularly for this purpose, which serves as reservoir for the hydraulic fluid, which also supports brake, steering and chassis functions. It can be used from -40°C up to app. 110°C fluid temperature.

The One And Only Brake Fluid For Citroën From February 1982 Is Called LHM+ And We Have It.

All today’s cars use DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 as brake fluid. Only Citroën uses LHM+, green hydraulic oil.

But be careful! The early 2CV’s need normal brake fluid; the later models LHM+. You can see very easily the brake fluid your car needs. If the car has front drum brakes (until February 1982) than it needs normal brake fluid. If you find disc brakes (from February 1982 onwards) than LHM is required.

To tell LHM components apart from normal brake fluid components all LHM parts have a green mark. Master and wheel brake cylinders are painted green or have at least a green spot. Even the small seals for the brake lines have a green spot. The brake fluid is green as well. When the car was new there was a sticker on the brake fluid reservoir. This sticker told in multiple languages that only LHM is good for this brake system.

You can find similar information on the cap of the reservoir. Quite often the sticker has gone and the cap is covered with dirt… but even if everything was clean, nobody in a workshop will read this! Not because the mechanic can’t read… its just that very few people realize that a 2CV needs a different brake fluid than every other car.

If you use normal brake fluid in a disc brake system you destroy the entire system. Both fluids are very aggressive against the rubber seals of the other system. If you use normal brake fluid in a LHM system all rubber seals will disintegrate. So the complete brake system will fail sooner or later!

Experience shows only a few mechanics know about this fact. If somebody tops up with a normal brake fluid and the LHM brake system is “mortally ill”! The first problem will occur with the rear brakes. The rubber seals in the wheel brake cylinder start to disintegrate and seize up the pistons.

If you don’t hit the brakes very hard the rear brakes don’t work at all. This enables the brake shoes to rust in. On the front brakes you will find out about this problem when you try to replace the brake pads. The pistons can’t be pushed back into the calipers.

Finally the master brake cylinder seizes up. This means you push the pedal as per usual… but when you release the pedal the brake pedal won’t come back out. It takes a few seconds before you have pressure again.

If you now open the cap of the reservoir you might find a black slime on the bottom of the reservoir and on the screen. This slime is the disintegrated rubber. A change of brake fluid is already too late. The seals are destroyed.

If you let the replaced brake fluid settle down for a while you can clearly see the two fluids separated. In the middle between the fluids the black stuff is in fact rubber particles. If this is the case the entire brake system has to be replaced. If you try to flush the system with fresh LHM you will find that there is still some old DOT fluid in the calipers and the rear brake cylinders. This is enough to start the destruction all over again. If you give your car to a mechanic let him know about these facts and make sure that he understands. Your life may depend on this!


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Two Year Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Two Year Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

In appreciation for your business, and to demonstrate our confidence in this product, your purchase of the Liquid Intelligence & Pentosin now comes with something extra. In addition to the standard product liability warranty on all Liquid Intelligence products, we now offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to be completely satisfied with any Liquid Intelligence & Pentosin product you buy. The Liquid Intelligence 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is our ongoing promise to you that Liquid Intelligence will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are totally satisfied with what you buy from us for two years from the date of purchase.

Liquid Intelligence is the only manufacturer in the business with enough confidence in our products to offer you this unique purchase protection, letting you buy risk free!

How can I make such an outrageous guarantee? Quite simply because I know that Liquid Intelligence & Pentosin works.

It has worked for me, and it has worked for thousands of other customers. And I know that it can work for you.

Quite simply . . . you get to be the judge, jury and executioner if I’m wrong.

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Peter Maher - The Man Behind Liquid Intelligence

Peter Maher – The Man Behind Liquid Intelligence & Pentosin

You can call Peter now on 1800 441 163 (7am to 7pm seven days a week) for a chat about product and application information or to simply purchase Liquid Intelligence & Pentosin

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Peter Maher - The Man Behind Liquid Intelligence Written by Peter Maher

Peter Maher, has been in the chemical industry since he was 18. So that’s more than 40 years he’s been blending, manufacturing and formulating functional automotive and industrial fluids. You can also find Peter on Google+