Product Index

Liquid Intelligence 230 Stop Oil Leak Seal Expander

  • Gearbox and Transmission Seals
  • Power Steering Seals
  • Differential Seals
  • Rear Main Engine Seals

Liquid Intelligence 245 Blown Head Gasket Repair

  • Cracked Heads
  • Heater Matrix
  • Welsh Plugs
  • Radiator

Liquid Intelligence Blown Head Gasket Test Kit

Liquid Intelligence 235 Hydraulic Stop Leak Seal Expander

  • Hydraulic Rams
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydraulic Pumps

Liquid Intelligence 239 Engine Cooling System Cleaning Kit

  • Cleans Radiators and Engine Blocks
  • Stops Engine Overheating

Liquid Intelligence 500 Latest Generation Technology, Long Life Ready To Use Green Universal Antifreeze Anti-Boil Coolant

  • The best non-waterless coolant you can get.
  • Compatible With All Green Coolants For Top Ups Or Complete Fills

Liquid Intelligence 201 Diesel Fuel Bacteria & Fungi Biocide

  • Dirty Diesel?
  • One of the most advanced biocides on the market today

Liquid Intelligence Microbial Field Test kit

  • You Can Detect Bacteria, Yeast And Mould Contamination In Your Diesel Fuel.
  • Easy to use

Liquid Intelligence Diesel Moisture Absorbent

  • Removes Water From The Bottom Of Fuel Tanks. Guaranteed.

Liquid Intelligence 229 Diesel Fuel Pump Seal Leak Fix

  • Fixes Diesel Fuel Pump Leaks by Swelling and Softening And Rejuvenating Nitrile Fuel Pump Seals. Guaranteed.

Liquid Intelligence 115 Super Waterless Coolant – Guaranteed No Overheating

  • Perfect for vintage and classic vehicles, performance vehicles and dirt bikes
  • There is no better coolant than this.

Liquid Intelligence 115 Motorcycle Super Waterless Coolant – Guaranteed No Overheating

  • Perfect for dirt bikes
  • There is no better coolant than this.

Liquid Intelligence 224 Lifter-Free Engine Oil Additive Stops Lifter Clacking. Guaranteed.

  • Stops The Causes Of Lifter Clacking. Guaranteed.
  • Dissolves and dislodges harmful varnish and carbon deposits that accumulate within oil passages of the hydraulic lifters… replacing the clack, clack, clack with normal engine noise.
  • You can hear noticeable results straight away

Liquid Intelligence 238 Cooling Systems Oil Sludge Remover

  • Oil sludge in the radiator?
  • Cleans Oily Cooling Systems Back To New, Without Disassembly. Guaranteed.

Liquid Intelligence 219 Super Concentrate Engine Flushing Additive

  • Oil Sludge In Your Engine?
  • Dissolves Oil Sludge In Engines Of All Types Of Vehicles.

Liquid Intelligence 126 Silicone Brake Fluid Dot 5

  • For veteran, vintage and classic car owners
  • Superior 10 Year Long Life Silicone Brake Fluid

Liquid Intelligence 318 Racing Brake Fluid

  • Brake Harder And Later Into The Corner Without Any Brake Fade
  • For Extreme Braking Motorsports

Liquid Intelligence 237 ZDDP Engine Oil Additive

  • If your car is built prior to 1996 then you need this superior ZDDP engine oil additive.
  • Puts back the ZDDP needed by older cars to bring them back to the original specification.

Liquid Intelligence 236 Anti-Shudder Additive for Auto Transmissions

  • Do You Have Auto Transmission Shudder?
  • Reduces And Eliminates Auto Transmission Shudder. Guaranteed.

PENTOSIN FFL Racing Transmission Fluid For Nissan GTR R35

  • To avoid noisy stick slip effects (shudder) of the clutches when starting and at high temperatures
  • All crucial DCTF performance criteria as e.g. cold flow performance, shear stability, evaporation loss and wear stability have been lifted to highest possible levels.

Liquid Intelligence 719 Car Air Conditioner Sanitizer and Deodorizer

  • Smelly Car Air Conditioning?
  • Stops The Causes Of Car Air Conditioner Odours Now, Once and For All

Liquid Intelligence 243 Radiator Stop Leak Repair Kit Fixes Leaks In Cooling Systems And Radiators Guaranteed.

  • New Particle Dissolving Technology Is A Game-Changer For Ultimate Reliability And Engine Safety.
  • “In Fact, We Believe This Is The Strongest And Safest Radiator Fix On The Market Today”

Liquid Intelligence 240 Organic Rust Remover is the fastest way to totally remove rust from metal without damaging the original piece.

  • The Liquid Intelligence 240’s unique formula makes this product very safe to use.
  • Liquid Intelligence 240 will not damage or corrode Copper, Tin, Brass, Solder, Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Aluminium or Magnesium. Making it an ideal product for cleaning rust from mixed metal parts.

Liquid Intelligence 218 Diesel Purge And Restore Fuel System Cleaner Super Concentrated Formula Improves Performance & Power In Just One Treatment

  • Cleans internal deposits in common rail diesel engines
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces black exhaust smoke
  • Reduces exhaust emissions