Geoff Ballard

What Geoff Ballard Of Ballards Offroad Yamaha Racing Says About Liquid Intelligence 115

Liquid Intelligence 115 works –

I have use Liquid Intelligence 115 Waterless Coolant in our bikes for years – It is absolutely the best coolant I have ever used.

In the racing engines that I have built it totally prevented the boil over problems associated with waiting at the starting line before the races started. Also Liquid Intelligence 115 coolant seems to be transferring heat more efficiently making the engine itself actually run cooler.

I thoroughly recommend Liquid Intelligence 115 Coolant.

Geoff Ballard (team owner)
Ballards Offroad Yamaha Racing.

Liquid Intelligence 115 is to be used by the Australian Squad for the 2011 International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) to be held in Finland from 8-13 August, 2011.

Ballards Offroad Yamaha Racing Liquid Intelligence

Ballards Offroad Yamaha Racing Liquid Intelligence