Mark Larmour Of Sprintparts

What Mark Larmour of Sprintparts says about Liquid Intelligence 115

My cooling system was filled with Liquid Intelligence 115 and ran at around 85-90 degrees Celsius all weekend.

The impressive aspect though was that at the end of the race when the engine was shut down there was no increase in temperature or overflow due to expansion. A distinct change from other coolants we have used.
Sprintparts Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Sprintparts Triumph Dolomite Sprint



SPRINTPARTS has been in existence since 1989. Mark and Philip Larmour started SPRINTPARTS as a result of their on going involvement in racing Triumph Dolomite Sprints.

Their motor racing commenced in 1979 with Triumph sports cars. The first Dolomite Sprint was the car still owned and race by Philip, this is an ex-Broadspeed built car which was imported into Australia in 1975 by the Ron Hodgson Leyland Dealer Team.

The intention of SPRINTPARTS has always been to assist owners of Triumph Dolomite Sprints to maintain their own vehicles. SPRINTPARTS has been racing Sprint’s since 1981, so they do know their strengths and weaknesses.


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