Michael Alabaster

I would thoroughly recommend Liquid Intelligence 115 Synthetic Coolant to anyone having overheating problems, It’s solved mine! … Michael Alabaster.
Michael was using normal green coolant in his car and he was finding on hot days the temperature of the motor would rise to 190 degrees F plus.

His Cadillac now runs 10 to 15 degrees cooler after changing to Liquid Intelligence 115 High Temperature Synthetic Waterless Coolant.



Michael Alabaster Cadillac V16 1930 Sports Phaeton


Michael Alabaster Cadillac Engine

Liquid Intelligence 115 Prevents Overheating & Boil-Over

  • Antifreeze 96% blended with 50% water boils at 104°C in no-pressure cooling system.
  • Under normal conditions a vintage engine generally runs at around 90°C (but not up hills on a hot day or stop start in traffic!)
  • By adding Liquid Intelligence 115 to your cooling system you increase the boiling point to 190°C. The enhanced density and thermal stability of 115 can maintain a continuous process of heat quenching within the cooling system; preventing overheating & boil-over even under the most adverse running conditions.
  • Veteran, Vintage and Classic car owners of overheating vehicles can now look forward to driving without worry.