Mike Reiter

How I Keep My Dirt Bikes From Overheating

By Mike Reiter

I’m Mike Reiter and I manage a pastoral lease located in North Queensland. The property is currently running a mixed herd of 9,000 head. When mustering it’s hard to keep the dirt bikes from overheating, especially when herding at low speed on those very hot days. Most of our ATV’s will overheat and go into limp mode… this has always been a problem for us in the hotter months.

We found Liquid Intelligence 115 on the web and spoke to Peter. He guaranteed he could fix our overheating problems using his waterless coolant. I was a bit doubtful so I only purchased enough to do one of the ATV’s . We ran it for a few months without any overheating problems. But what sold me was when we had a week of almost 50°C days. All the bikes overheated except the ATV with the waterless coolant… We now have Peter’s waterless coolant in all the bikes and a few generators and pumps. I’m very happy to recommend this fantastic intelligent liquid to anybody.