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What Paul Hoey Of 100%MX Melbourne Australia, Says About Liquid Intelligence 115

Paul Hoey Liquid Intelligence

Paul Hoey Liquid Intelligence

I was first introduced to Liquid Intelligence back in January 2009 and the product immediately caught my attention as it promised zero coolant loss. In my 26 years of riding and racing dirt bikes I had always thought that some level of coolant boiling out of my radiators after a ride or a race was a nuisance I just had to put up with !

I contacted Peter Maher, the scientist at Liquid Intelligence and got some cans of his coolant down to try for myself. After speaking to him on the phone about the product it certainly sounded like he knew exactly what he was talking about regarding standard coolants boiling over and basically being an inefficient liquid to use for small capacity motorcycle radiators and he even told me that straight water has a higher boiling point and would do a better job than the stock coolants available from bike shops !

I followed the easy instructions on the LI can to replace the stock coolant in my 2 stroke 500cc dirt bike and then after fully warming up my bike I set out for a ride at my local track in Seaford, Victoria which comprises of a combination of deep sand and soft loam so puts some load on a dirt bike engine. After 15 minutes of riding I returned to my vehicle, lifted my bike up on the stand and after turning up the idle screw slightly I left the bike running at a steady idle stationary in the track car park for 10 minutes. In this time period I noticed my bike lost zero coolant from the overflow tube nor did it hiss steam out like it definitely would have using the standard water based coolant I had always used ! I was amazed !

I gave some coolant to my friend Steve Powell, the owner/ Mechanic of SP Motorsport/ Byrners Suzuki Race Team and his testing in 30 minute moto race conditions and extensive dyno run testing confirmed what i had experienced too. Zero boil over and zero coolant loss and he also noted via temperature strips placed on top of the radiators that the race bikes ran 2 to 4 degrees cooler and also made more horsepower as a result !

In February 2009 100%MX became the Australian Distributor for Liquid Intelligence 115 Motorcycle Coolant because we were all so impressed with this new revolutionary coolant unlike anything ever before it on the market, 190°C boil over protection !

In 2010 Yarrive Konsky the team owner of Carlton Dry Honda Race Team was made aware of the product from Steve Powell while his team was racing the Australian Motocross Championships at Wanneroo MX track in Perth, WA. This deep sand and hilly track caused all bikes competing there to return back to the pits with radiators steaming and dumping out the stock coolant except the SP Motorsport/ Byrners Suzuki race bikes which were running LI of course ! Yarrive contacted 100%MX and has happily been using the product ever since and had this to say about his experience using LI:

“Carlton Dry Honda Racing prides themselves on using products that provide optimum performance. Motor racing in Australia, specifically motocross is raced in a diverse range of conditions. The extremities place a lot of pressure on the team and we cannot allow any overheating issues. The reason we choose to use Liquid Intelligence was because of its world renowned reputation and our own preseason testing. We never use non-genuine products without testing them ourselves. This year we have raced in the heat and the mud and we haven’t had any reliability problems. During testing we put our engines through their paces and we had no temperature issues. At Carlton Dry Honda we only choose to use what works and with the data we have collected during testing and racing this season we can confidently say Liquid Intelligence works” – Yarrive Konsky (team owner).

Paul Hoey Of 100%MX Melbourne Australia

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