Richie Arber

My Head Would Either Crack Or Warp…

Richie-Arber-300px.jpgMy NZGT Evo 7 has had an on-going issue of over-heating, regularly seeing temperatures above 100deg Celsius, and I spent a lot of time and money trying to solve the problem by adding a larger radiator, bigger fans, using different water additives, adding expansion tanks, increasing the system pressure by using a high pressure cap (25psi) and increasing the water capacity by adding another tank, all of which were a waste of time and money as the problem was still there in some form or another. This route saw a couple of expensive race heads get hot spots on them and eventually they would just not cope and the head would either crack or warp due to the hot spots created by water boiling in the head.

Then a friend suggested Liquid Intelligence 115 so I looked on the website and thought the claims on there were too good to be true so I went to visit Roy King and told him my problem. After Roy explained how water reacts in a cooling system and how these hot spots come about it was clear to see that water, with no matter what additive you add, will just not give your engine the protection it deserves and at some stage it will have a problem caused by the heat the engine generates or indeed by the high pressure that some people, including myself at one stage, are running.

I got rid of all of the extra bits I had added, put a low pressure (14psi) radiator cap on then filled the system with Liquid Intelligence 115 as per Roy’s directions and went racing. The car, in open air, stayed at a steady 78-80deg Celsius and in heavy traffic (following another car or cars closely for a few laps) the max temperature the car reached was 87deg Celsius, to say I was happy was an understatement. With the car parked back in the pit garages directly after racing, with no air going through the radiator, the temperature stayed between 83 – 88deg, cycling on and off the fan, you could actually feel the heat being drawn out of the engine by this product and because it does not boil and create pressure you can actually take the radiator cap off and see the liquid doing its job.

I would not hesitate to recommend Liquid Intelligence 115 to anyone that wants to look after their engine, no matter what the application.

Richie Arber
Sykotc Racing