Roy L King

Vintage Car Restoration Specialist

I am a qualified motor mechanic of 47 years.

Seeing your Liquid intelligence 115 coolant advertised in an Australian magazine I researched and investigated your unique product.

After much thought I decided to get some. I used it in one of my vintage cars that has always had over heating issues.

The Liquid Intelligence 115 Coolant completely eliminated the overheating I was having.


Roy King Motor Engineer Workshop Taranaki, New Zealand

I was so impressed that I rang Peter Maher, and after a marathon discussion, I found myself the New Zealand distributor for Liquid intelligence 115 Coolant and Cleaner Kits.

I have taken it on in New Zealand because I TOTALLY BELIEVE that this is the coolant of the future, and I see how many valuable engines are blown up and damaged through cooling system problems.

Roy L King
Vintage Car Restoration Specialist
8 Egmont St, Kaponga, 4642.
Taranaki, New Zealand.