Tony Haining

Liquid Intelligence 115 Overcomes Grass Seed Problem
ATV’s + Grass Seeds = Over Heating

liquid intelligence 115 quad  Maryborough Grass Seeds
Liquid Intelligence 115 Fixed The Overheating Caused By Seeds On The Radiator Screen

We are running mesh screen on our ATV 800s to keep grass seeds from blocking the radiators. However the screens still get blocked causing reduced air flow through the radiators. And in our summer heat this causes plenty of serious problems with the ATVs overheating… especially because these quads work hard all day doing general work and mustering.

We started using Liquid Intelligence 115 in the ATVs with great success. We still have grass seeds blocking the radiator screens and very hot days but the constant overheating problems have all gone. Liquid Intelligence 115 Coolant has without doubt improved the reliability of our work quads. We are very happy to recommend this fantastic new coolant to anybody.

Tony Haining Maryborough Queensland.