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Liquid Intelligence 239 Engine Cooling System Cleaning Kit

  • Is scale the cause of your overheating? If you are overdue for cooling system maintenance, the deposits have begun to build up.
  • Cleans Radiators and Engine Blocks
  • Restores the efficiency of your entire cooling system back to new. Guaranteed
  • Stops Engine Overheating

Liquid Intelligence 500 Latest Generation Technology, Long Life Ready To Use Green Universal Antifreeze Anti-Boil Coolant

  • The best non-waterless coolant you can get.
  • Compatible With All Green Coolants For Top Ups Or Complete Fills

Liquid Intelligence 318 Racing Brake Fluid

  • Brake Harder And Later Into The Corner Without Any Brake Fade
  • For Extreme Braking Motorsports

Liquid Intelligence 237 ZDDP Engine Oil Additive

  • If your car is built prior to 1996 then you need this superior ZDDP engine oil additive.
  • Puts back the ZDDP needed by older cars to bring them back to the original specification.

Liquid Intelligence 229 Diesel Fuel Pump Seal Leak Fix

  • Fixes Diesel Fuel Pump Leaks by Swelling and Softening And Rejuvenating Nitrile Fuel Pump Seals. Guaranteed.

Liquid Intelligence 126 Silicone Brake Fluid Dot 5

  • For veteran, vintage and classic car owners
  • Superior 10 Year Long Life Silicone Brake Fluid

Liquid Intelligence 115 Super Waterless Coolant – Guaranteed No Overheating

  • Perfect for vintage and classic vehicles, performance vehicles and dirt bikes
  • There is no better coolant than this.

Liquid Intelligence 219 Super Concentrate Engine Flushing Additive

  • Oil Sludge In Your Engine?
  • Dissolves Oil Sludge In Engines Of All Types Of Vehicles.